Dealing with Boogers

There’s no rhyme or reason to why children incessantly pick their nose; they simply do. How you deal with it will determine how the habit is eventually broken. I have had plenty of struggles attempting to stop my son from picking his nose. Of course, it took lots of patience and even a bit of coaxing, but eventually, I got him to break the habit and it has saved us both from a few additional embarrassing moments.


Every parent has their own tried and true methods for getting his kids to stop this habit, but I know that for me, I could not use all of the ones that were suggested to me as they simply did not work. I remember once when I was sewing clothes for my son and he came into the room and began to use fabric to play with his nose. Not only was it disgusting, but I had to stop everything and preach to him about the virtues of good manners.


There are many people out there that consider it a nervous habit but I don’t consider it similar to hair twisting, nail biting, thumb sucking, or even grinding the teeth. It has nothing to do with nerves and anxiety most times. I’ve found that kids often times dig in their nose because there’s something in it or they are agitated with something lodged inside of it and want it out as soon as possible. At least that was the case with my son.


The majority of kids that incessantly pick their nose usually have allergies because of the heavy mucus flow and that was what my son was sometimes suffering from. Still, I told him there was a way to be in the nose without being filthy and displaying bad manners. Slowly but surely, he began to get the picture.


What can you do about nose picking? Well, there’s lots you can do, especially if you want to cut down on germs since children are known as huge carriers of germs in homes. Germs on the fingers can easily be transmitted to other surfaces in the house and that can lead to flu and cold symptoms. That’s more of something I don’t need and so I have employed a few tactics to ensure our house stays as germ-free as possible. They include:


Staying Hydrated

Dryer climates can dry out my son’s nasal passages, which means he is more inclined to pick his nose. Therefore, I ensure that he has access to lots of fluids throughout the day to combat this problem. Even saline sprays can do the trick when I am in a pinch.


Washing Hands

I have gotten to the point where I make my son wash his hands every time he comes into the house to reduce the germs that are coming inside from outdoors. What I definitely don’t need are sick children running around the house and exposing us all to more germs. Besides, it only takes a few minutes and it’s just good for the household at large.