Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

The demands of having a daughter sometimes take me in directions I never could have imagined. For instance, my daughter has requested some princess dresses and so I have decided that I should taking sewing classes so I can learn how to make her costumes myself as I am sure her tastes will change over the years and I can be as prepared as possible. Of course, this will not only save me some time, but it will also allow me to create something that is uniquely suited to her and her preferences.


Since I am a beginner, of course, I knew I would have to do quite a bit of research to find a sewing machine that is best for those novice sewers out there. I have asked around and I have visited quite a few mainstream and local shops the last few weeks and have managed to narrow down the field of all the various options available on the market today. You would be surprised at how many brands are out here that claim to be the best. Even when I asked friends of mine that sew, I got totally different answers and suggestions.

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A computerized version is definitely the type that I am leaning too since I want it to be as easy as possible in the beginning for me to make clothes with the material that I find. I also want a machine that is great for beginners, but can also offer me the versatility to be used once I get to the intermediate level.


What are some of the basic criteria you should look for in a sewing machine? Well, I would definitely place performance at the top of the list, along with versatility, build quality, convenience, and last but not least, price. So, now that I have narrowed down the field, I would like to share with you the sewing machines that I have vetted and know can provide the performance you need for a beginner.


Brother CS6000I

It has been one of the best-selling brands for quite some time and it is clear to see why. Not only is it great for beginners, but it is available at an affordable price that makes it hard to beat. It’s not just the great price of this model that makes it appealing, but also all of the features that come with it as well. They include 60 stitches that are built-in (including decorative) and even one-step buttonholes are well represented here with 7 offered. This is great for beginners as we usually don’t have the experience necessary to create them right off the bat.

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There are also selections from the presser feet – 9 in fact – that allow you to complete various projects including functional and decorative options that makes this machine an easy sell. There’s even more – a detachable table that is big enough to handle those particularly large projects like embroidery, quilting, and detail stitching for large coats and blankets. There’s even an LCD display screen that is easy to read and navigate. Also included are thread diagrams, needle threader that is automatic, and sewing speed control for when you have the proper experience to use it. So if you need a reliable machine that offers you plenty of features and great accessibility, this is definitely the sewing machine that you should have under consideration.


Brother Designio DZ2400

As a beginner, you may want to check into an option that is portable and computerized, which makes the Brother Designio DZ2400 a great option for both quilting and sewing. Weighing only 10 pounds, it is perfect to transport from room to room and even to sewing classes if you wish.

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Don’t be fooled by the weight of this portable sewing machine, however, as it comes jam-packed with more than enough to impress most – 185 stitches built-in, 12 quilting and sewing feet, LCD screen that is quite large, 8 buttonholes, and even a wide table for those big sewing projects. Trust me when I say that when it comes to those sewing machines that are currently available on the market, you could certainly do far worse and waste a ton of money doing so. Take this sewing machine into consideration and get started!